Who are the 83 candidates in the 2014 election for 8 Members of the European Parliament for North West England?

Who are the 83 candidates in the 2014 election for 8 Members of the European Parliament for North West England?

Who are the 83 candidates in the 2014 election for 8 Members of the European Parliament for North West England?


My polling card for the 2014 election (North West Region)
My polling card for the 2014 election for Members of the European Parliament (North West Region)

The voting system at the European elections is different to the local elections. In the European elections eleven political parties (An Independence from Europe, British National Party, Conservative Party, English Democrats, Green Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, No2EU, Pirate Party UK, Socialist Equality Party and UK Independence Party (UKIP)) have each nominated a list of candidates. Each political party has put forward a list of eight candidates apart from the Pirate Party UK which has only put forward three.

People vote for a political party and once the polls close the total votes for each party are added up. The party with the highest number of votes is given the first Member of the European Parliament seat. You can read an explanation of how the voting system decides on who gets the other seven seats here. The voting system is a proportional representation system. This means the seats for Members of the European Parliament depend on what each party’s share of the vote is.

The list of candidates and their home addresses can be downloaded from this blog. The table below is of each political party and the candidates that party is putting forward in the European elections. If a political party wins a seat (or more than one seat) in the election then the first candidate for that political party is given the first seat, second the second etc. Some political parties also have descriptions on the ballot paper. Any descriptions used are included in the table below the name of the political party.

Political Party & Description Party List of Candidates
An Independence from Europe
  1. Helen Bashford
  2. Gill Kearney
  3. Pauline Penny
  4. Kay Bashford
  5. Faye Raw
  6. Lorna Markovitch
  7. Jennie Ransome
  8. Jill Stockdale

British National Party

Re-elect Nick Griffin

  1. Nick Griffin
  2. Dawn Charlton
  3. Clive Jefferson
  4. Eddy O’Sullivan
  5. Simon Darby
  6. Kay Pollitt
  7. Derek Adams
  8. David O’Loughlin

Conservative Party

For real change in Europe

  1. Jacqueline Foster
  2. Sajjad Karim
  3. Kevin Beaty
  4. Deborah Dunleavy
  5. Joseph Barker-Willis
  6. Daniel Hamilton
  7. Chris Whiteside
  8. James Walsh

English Democrats

Putting England First!

  1. Stephen Morris
  2. Paul Rimmer
  3. Derek Bullock
  4. Paul Whitelegg
  5. Steven McEllenborough
  6. Laurence Depares
  7. Valerie Morris
  8. Anthony Backhouse
Green Party
  1. Peter Andrew Cranie
  2. Gina Dowding
  3. Laura Bannister
  4. Jillian Barbara Perry
  5. John Anthony Knight
  6. Ulrike Zeshan
  7. Lewis Coyne
  8. Jake Laurence Welsh
Labour Party
  1. Theresa Griffin
  2. Afzal Khan
  3. Julie Ward
  4. Wajid Khan
  5. Angeliki Stogia
  6. Steve Carter
  7. Pascale Lamb
  8. Nick Parnell
Liberal Democrats
  1. Chris Davies
  2. Helen Foster-Grime
  3. Jo Crotty
  4. Qassim Afzal
  5. Jane Brophy
  6. Sue McGuire
  7. Gordon Lishman
  8. Neil Christian


Yes to Workers’ Rights

  1. Roger Bannister
  2. George Waterhouse
  3. Jacqueline Grunsell
  4. John Metcalfe
  5. George Tapp
  6. Mark Rowe
  7. James Healy
  8. Kevin Morrison

Pirate Party UK

The Pirate Party UK

  1. Maria Aretoulaki
  2. George Walkden
  3. Jack Allnutt



Socialist Equality Party

Join the fight for social equality!

  1. Chris Marsden
  2. Julie Hyland
  3. Robert Skelton
  4. Lucy Warren
  5. Mark Dowson
  6. Ajitha Gunaratne
  7. Danny Dickinson
  8. Joe Heffer
UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  1. Paul Andrew Nuttall
  2. Louise Bours
  3. Steven Marcus Woolfe
  4. Shneur Zalman Odze
  5. Lee William Slaughter
  6. Simon John Noble
  7. Peter Johnston Harper
  8. John Brian Stanyer

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