West Wirral Area Forum – 29th June 2011 – Part 4 – West Kirby health centre, minutes, Youth Service, yellow lines, road markings, Lifeboat Museum

John asked if they would use the newspaper. Kevin Adderley said if they submitted a planning application then there would be the opportunity to leave comments and it would be advertised in the usual way with a site notice. Cllr Ellis said it as moving ahead and that Hughes Court would be tidied up next week.

A member of the public said following criticism at an earlier meeting at the way the minutes were taken that the current minutes were clear. The Area Forum co-ordinator said that thanks should go to Michelle. Regarding page thirty, she had spoken to the [local] Hub Manager for the Youth Service who had reported there were faults with the report and not all the information was correct. Cllr Ellis asked anyone who wanted to know more to see Tracy separately after the meeting.

John Percival thanked [Wirral Council] for the resurfacing and repainting of lines, however there was a missing Give Way, missing yellow lines and missing central line, had it been inspected. Cllr Ellis asked Mark Traynor, a senior office of Streetscene to respond to how they had painted a yellow line around a parked Aldi also.

Mark Traynor said he had been led to believe that it was all finished. John Percival said he would see him after. Cllr Ellis said they had asked for the yellow lines to be covered over, however Wirral Council had insisted on putting them back outside the new museum. John Parr said there was a short film about the lifeboat museum, which he was pleased to have started off. He introduced the film and said “without community support it wouldn’t have happened”. He said the “community had written to the Board of Peel Holdings” which had been a “major step forward”. Following the award of £30,000 they had made this film, which was seven minutes long. He joked that Tom Hanks had failed the screen test so he’d had to step in.

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