West Wirral Area Forum – 29th June 2011 – Part 3 – Bridge Court, Hughes Court, GP, Nightingale

Kevin Adderley said they had asked Wirral Partnership Homes and the PCT to submit design work about reprovision for what would be on the site. He was confident it would happen, but he was waiting for the detail. Cllr Watt and Cllr Green had been invited to a meeting at the health centre about the plans. Cllr Elderton said he couldn’t attend as he had to be neutral as he was Chair of the Planning Committee. However a councillor said h was in favour of wanting to see it for the last ten years.

Elizabeth asked what Wirral Partnership Homes was doing regarding the Hughes Court site. Cllr Ellis said he was concerned, but it was basically the same position. The demolition had been completed this week and they had promised to landscape and not leave it like Aldi. There were discussions with the neighbours to discuss how they would like it to be landscaped, it could end up being another block of social housing. However they would tidy it up next week.

Paul Bromley, a GP from the West Kirby health centre said about the meeting on Friday they would be showing the feasibility study that Nightingale the architects had done. Progress was being made on the West Kirby health centre moving to Bridge Court. John said he was pleased regarding the comments but what was the facility for healthy people to make comments?

Cllr Ellis said he didn’t know, the GP said it was open in the main waiting area. On Friday it would be discussed with a wider group and also with the patient group at the practice on Friday.

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Author: John Brace

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