West Wirral Area Forum – 29th June 2011 – Part 6 – Video (Lifeboat Musuem)

Following the RNLI building a new lifeboat station, they had vacated the existing station, however there had been a number of commercial interests interested in it that wanted to turn it into a warehouse or an office block. Local people had written to Peel who had listened and given the go ahead. However they had needed money and quickly to purchase it. Tony Crane, a local businessman had purchased it and offered them a long term lease which had been a key element in the opportunity to set up the museum.

A committee had been established, it was ideal for housing a Victorian lifeboat. The tractor shed had been the first in the world. However they wanted to main alterations for a cafe, kitchen, toilet and main display room. It had fantastic views and they hoped to neighbouring land which had previously been a Victorian pavilion. The Hoylake Lifeboat Museum was unique and the story of the Hoylake lifeboat station in the Dee Estuary was of interest to the older generation, school children and young people who wanted to learn about how Hoylake was. This was Hoylake’s gift to the world. John Parr said he hoped people had enjoyed watching the film

Cllr Ellis said it was subject to planning permission. John Parr said they were in advanced talks regarding building regulations, health and safety and planning guidelines and so far Wirral Council were satisfied. He said it was here because of the community and they were listening to the community. Cllr Elderton said he couldn’t comment. John Parr said he had taken David Ball around and they wanted to negotiate about the land adjacent to the museum.

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Author: John Brace

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