West Wirral Area Forum – 29th June 2011 – Part 7 – Video (Lifeboat Musuem), NHS

John Parr said it had been neglected for thirty years and needed something done. They could reinvigorate it into safe use by the public as a recreated space, which the museum would be happy to look after. He was hopeful to see a positive outcome. Cllr Ellis said it was a brilliant presentation and there were forms to sign up as members. John Parr urged people to go onto the Hoylake Lifeboat Museum website where they could support the project, join the friends group or get more details of the Appeal. He hoped it would be a “cultural haven that people can be proud of”. Cllr Ellis said was delighted.

The partners were asked to have their say, starting with the NHS (Margaret Shaunessy). She said it had been her first Area Forum, the Trust had gone to the public with their “Treating you well into the future” consultation which ended on the 30th June. Despite rumours they were not closing Clatterbridge hospital, but developing services and making the best use of them. The stroke unit had won an award, so had the early support discharge team and community midwives who had run a shop in Birkenhead. Also the oxygen service for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease had won an award. Regarding infection control they had found innovative ways to clean and improve infection control. This had had a dramatic effect at reducing it to below the national average.

John Parr said he mother and uncle had died of a stroke and his father had nearly died. However he felt there were shortcomings in care although it was better than a year ago. He asked what the reaction from the Trust was on strokes?

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Author: John Brace

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