West Wirral Area Forum – 29th June 2011 – Part 8 – NHS (waiting times, cancelled appointments, emergencies)

Cllr Boult said he had had a major operation with a referral to clinic in three months time. However it had been cancelled. However he had been due to see a consultant within a certain time, the appointment had been made for April 1st, but been put back by ten weeks. When it was cancelled or people had emergency operations what were the timescales? He had been told there were no timescales and it was lucky dip.

The woman from the NHS said to call it a lucky dip was unfair. Cllr Boult said the secretary had twenty people and had been told to pick the nearest date. Margaret Shaunessy said that cases were either categorised as urgent or routine and this was decided by the consultant, not the secretary on their own. Cllr Boult said with the amount of people going to the clinic who had had cancelled appointments he felt sorry for the GPs. Cllr Ellis said it was personal. Margaret Shaunessy said they had targets regarding outpatients, however it was hard not to cancel. There was a strict protocol regarding referrals and there were set times in which patients should be seen.

A member of the public said when their husband was ill, the hospital had suggested she bring him by car rather than ambulance. She could lift him well enough inside the hospital but there was nobody on reception. The paramedic had tried to find one. The two wheelchairs were padlocked all there was at reception was a phone.

Margaret said it was unfortunate and that there should always be someone on reception, she asked which day it was?

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