Posted by: John Brace | 28 July 2017

What’s happening to Birkenhead Market?

What’s happening to Birkenhead Market?

Birkenhead Market lease Birkenhead Market Limited Wirral Borough Council plan number 2 internal floor plan

Birkenhead Market lease Birkenhead Market Limited Wirral Borough Council plan number 2 internal floor plan

St John’s Market in Liverpool has been hitting the headlines recently, but rumours have been swirling round Birkenhead Market about its future too.

Birkenhead Market is in Birkenhead and Tranmere ward, which is represented by Cllr Phil Davies (Labour), Cllr Jean Stapleton (Labour) and Cllr Pat Cleary (Green).

This piece however is not written from a party political perspective, but to address some of what’s going on.

Wirral Council as far as I know still own the land the market is on, but there are then at least four limited companies (Birkenhead Market Limited, Birkenhead Market Holdings Limited, Birkenhead Market Regeneration Limited and Birkenhead Market Services Limited) with interests plus the interests of the stallholders.

For those reading my blog who are into forensic accounting, according to the latest accounts for Birkenhead Market Limited and Birkenhead Market Services Limited there’s also a £3.948 million bank loan with Royal Bank of Scotland PLC which is secured by way of a charge and debenture on the company (explanations in the comments as to what these mean would be useful).

In a box in my office from a previous citizen audit, is the lease between Wirral Council, two of the companies above and the stallholders.

Interestingly, Birkenhead Market Regeneration Limited (which was a change of name 2 months ago of Ellesmere Port Regeneration Limited) and Birkenhead Market Holdings Limited (which was a change of name last month of Concept Student Developments Limited) both have an office address at the new Liverpool headquarters of Vermont.

After one false start over the Birkenhead Town Centre regeneration, both these companies changed name shortly after Wirral Council’s launch of the Wirral Growth Company earlier this year.

Market traders are naturally concerned about what will be happening to Birkenhead Market.

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  1. G’day John

    This will test the peanut and King of BirkenBloodyHead “Philly Liar” if his Uncle Joe gets it so badly wrong.



    Have they employed anyone for the Ill Legal Department yet John?

    That will be an interesting handing over of all the skeletons.

    His watch will be missed John the one that can be seen from the moon.

    His joined at the hip bird from the electoral office will probably be the only one that will miss him.

    Good riddens wirral can only be better for his departure.

    • I think I read in the Echo that someone at Liverpool City Council has been suspended over what happened over the St Johns Market refurbishment.

      In answer to your question, David Armstrong becomes Acting Senior Information Risk Officer tomorrow, with Philip McCourt becoming Acting Monitoring Officer and Interim Director: Law and Governance from the 4th September 2017.

      As far as I know no-one has been recruited yet to that post.