Which Wirral Council councillor made 38 taxi journeys in 6 months?

Which Wirral Council councillor made 38 taxi journeys in 6 months?

Eye Cab taxi invoice Wirral Council councillors

Which Wirral Council councillor made 38 taxi journeys in 6 months?


Eye Cab taxi invoice Wirral Council councillors
Eye Cab taxi invoice Wirral Council councillors

Yesterday Wirral Council responded to my FOI request for the more recent invoices from Eye Cab Limited for taxi journeys by councillors.

These don’t include taxi journeys where councillors have paid for the taxi themselves and then claimed back the cost.

Sadly, due to a lot of missing pages (curiously always the ones with councillors’ names on them), plus a number of pages scanned at such low quality making them very difficult to read, I’ve requested an internal review.

There was an £85 taxi journey listed on page 5. By the price list published on my blog here it comes to a taxi journey of around 67 and a half miles.

Sadly the second page of the invoice that invoice from May 2015 that would state who undertook this unusually long journey is not supplied. The invoice itself is of such low quality it’s hard to read how far this journey was. However if you’re going on a journey that far why not take the train instead?

In fact if the journey was by a councillor then Wirral Council’s constitution states (members means councillors):

8. Travel and Subsistence

Travel Costs

8.1 Travel costs incurred by members in performing “approved duties” as specified in Schedule 2 to this Scheme shall be reimbursed at the prevailing public transport rates, provided that the use of taxis or members’ private motor vehicles may be permitted where public transport is either not available, or the journey by public transport would be likely to result in unreasonable delay.”

Sadly as Wirral Council didn’t respond properly to this FOI request it’s impossible to tell whether a councillor took this journey or not!

However over the 6 months of invoices where names were supplied, here are how many taxi journeys were undertaken by each councillor at the taxpayers’ expense. For shared journeys I’ve counted it as one journey for each councillor sharing the taxi:

Cllr Moira McLaughlin (38)
Cllr Steve Niblock (23)
Cllr Bill Davies (13)
Cllr Irene Williams (5)
Cllr Pat Williams (2)
Cllr Kathy Hodson (1)
Cllr Denise Roberts (1)
Cllr Phil Davies (1)

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Author: John Brace

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  1. G’day John

    Closed dishonest and opaque.

    Ecca get a grip child.



    “The Shyster” and his ill legal department strike again.

  2. G’day John

    With a day to spare the Wirral BC commercially dumb, nasty and unpleasant have responded to “Highbrow’s” FOI request for a list of BIG Fund recipients

    “The Council views the details you have requested as commercially sensitive
    and is therefore relying on Section 43 of The Freedom of Information Act
    2000 to refuse your request”.

    I would imagine John with their record with Lockwood and asset stripping and the other files already seen the rest will be an absolute disgrace and would probably put someone in jail.

    How five years on can they be commercially sensitive?

    How many links eg The Spotty Blue Tea Pot and the hair salon will there be?

    How embarrassing for them.

    This is public monies John and the public should know and before the elections.

    They should not be allowed John to waste a few more thousand pounds on “The Shyster’s” ill legal department and a few more thousand on the Information Commission just to hide their dirty filthy secrets.



    Ecca Ecca Ecca is there anybody in that giant spotty BLINKING shell.

  3. G’day John

    Another Thursday and no picture of the blonde bumshell from “The Chamber Pot”.

    Fartin Lobsterpot should be sacked.

    How am I ever going to finish papering my dunny wall?



    Why do I insult them John?

    Cos its now coming up to five years since “Highbrow” and I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 of public monies and they go merrily along, guilty as sin.

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