Who are the 90 candidates standing in an election to be a councillor at Wirral Council in 2019?

Who are the 90 candidates standing in an election to be a councillor at Wirral Council in 2019?

Holy Cross primary school Bidston polling station Bidston St James 4th May 2017 resized

Who are the 90 candidates standing in an election to be a councillor at Wirral Council in 2019?


Holy Cross primary school Bidston polling station Bidston St James 4th May 2017 resized
Holy Cross Primary School (polling station Bidston and St James ward) 4th May 2017

Below is a table of the ninety candidates in the election of a councillor across each of the 22 wards. Those living in each ward and who vote will elect one councillor to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council (making twenty-two in total). Those wards electing a councillor in May 2019 are Bebington, Bidston & St James, Birkenhead & Tranmere, Bromborough, Clatterbridge, Claughton, Eastham, Greasby, Frankby & Irby, Heswall, Hoylake & Meols, Leasowe & Moreton East, Liscard, Moreton West & Saughall Massie, New Brighton, Oxton, Pensby & Thingwall, Prenton, Rock Ferry, Seacombe, Upton, Wallasey and West Kirby & Thurstaston.

The information is from the Statement of Persons Nominated published today by Wirral Council. The Statement of Persons Nominated also includes the home addresses for some candidates, although due to a recent legislation change candidates can now choose not to make this public. For those who have chosen not to make it public it is just listed as “Address in Wirral”.

Polling day is on Thursday 2nd May 2019, with polling stations open from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm.

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List of candidates in the election of a councillor to Wirral Council in May 2019

Name of candidateDescription
CROWFOOT, Amanda JaneLiberal Democrat
HEYDON, RachelGreen Party
JONES, GeoffLocal Conservatives
WILLIAMS, JerryLabour Party
KENNY, Brian MartinLabour Party
PARKHOUSE, James FrederickGreen Party
PARSONS, MikeLiberal Democrat
WILSON, VidaLocal Conservatives
COWIN, June IreneLocal Conservatives
HAYES, SteveGreen Party
MCGENITY, BillLabour Party
DOWNIE, VickyLiberal Democrats
DRURY, DesLocal Conservatives
HATTON, Sheena JoanneGreen Party
WALSH, JoeLabour Party
CAMERON, Helen JanetLocal Conservatives
MCGINLEY, JimGreen Party
MORGAN, Kieran MichaelLabour Party
FAY, AlexUK Independence Party (UKIP)
FOULKES, StephenLabour Party
HANNA, Nicholas Malcolm WinstonLocal Conservatives
HEYDON, LizGreen Party
MORGAN, MoIndependent
TEGGIN, Christopher MalcolmLiberal Democrat
GORMON, Harry RossGreen Party
MERRY, PhilLocal Conservatives
MITCHELL, DaveLiberal Democrat
MOLYNEUX, Ruth CatherineLabour Party
BLAND, JackUK Independence Party (UKIP)
BURGESS-JOYCE, David RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate
FORSHAW, Mark JohnLiberal Democrat
PAGE, CathyGreen Party
WATSON, TimLabour Party
BURTON, Barbara FlorenceGreen Party
HODSON, Andrew ChapmanLocal Conservatives
PARSONS, Brian DavidLabour Party
THOMPSON, Robert NoelLiberal Democrat
COCKCROFT, Alix RowenaGreen Party
LAING, Thomas StewartLabour Party
REISDORF, Peter Timothy Clifford Liberal Democrat
WRIGHT, Alison JeanThe Conservative Party Candidate
CAPLIN, DebbieLocal Conservatives
DIXON, Michael JohnGreen Party
GREANEY, Karl GerardLabour Party
ARROWSMITH, SueLiberal Democrat
MELBOURNE, Rodney HowardUnited Kingdom Independence Party
SHELDRICKS, Perle WinifredGreen Party
SPOOR, Sarah KathrynLabour Party
TAYLOR, Michael ThomasLocal Conservatives
O’DONNELL, Helen RosalindeGreen Party
TYRRELL, David RobertLiberal Democrat
WEBSTER, StanLabour Party
WILLIAMS, SteveLocal Conservatives
HACKETT, PatLabour Party
RAYBOULD, KeithLocal Conservatives
SMETHURST, CharlieLiberal Democrat
STONALL, CynthiaGreen Party
WALTERS, PaulaUnited Kingdom Independence Party
BUNKER, ChrisUnited Kingdom Independence Party
CORKHILL, AndyLiberal Democrat
DAVIES, JeffLabour Party
MCDONNELL, TinaLocal Conservatives
BRIGHTMORE, PhillLabour Party
BURTON, Allen JohnGreen Party
COLLINS, MikeThe Conservative Party Candidate
THOMPSON, Colin WilliamLiberal Democrat
COOKE, ChrisGreen Party
DAVIES, AngieLabour Party
JONES, Hilary MargaretLocal Conservatives
ANDREW, JohnathanLocal Conservatives
GOMMON, Moira JoanGreen Party
MEADEN, ChrisIndependent
NOLAN, Yvonne CarolLabour Party
JOHNSON, Diane MargaretGreen Party
JONES, Christine MaryLabour Party
LAING, John RichardLocal Conservatives
WELLSTEAD, ChrisUnited Kingdom Independence Party
CLOUGH, LilyGreen Party
DAVIES, AlanLiberal Democrat
SELLMAN, Emma LouiseThe Conservative Party Candidate
SMITH, TonyLabour Party
BRADY, James AnthonyGreen Party
CODLING, John RichardLiberal Democrat
CRINGLE, Kriss PatrickUnited Kingdom Independence Party
HAYES, Paul AlanLocal Conservatives
MARTIN, Paul JohnLabour Party
JOHNSON, JennyThe Conservative Party Candidate
LAING, James StewartLabour Party
MCGINLEY, YvonneGreen Party
REDFERN, Michael GrahamLiberal Democrat

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  1. Yeah it’s that time of year again, when we vote for the clowns who waste our money and put our taxes up!
    But talking to many people of the last year, the turn out will be low!

    1. There are some wards on the Wirral which are highly contested this year, so I would guess that the political parties are concentrating on those rather than other parts of the Wirral!

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