Posted by: John Brace | 24 June 2019

Who’s in Wirral Council’s Cabinet and how does it propose to change decision making?

Who’s in Wirral Council’s Cabinet and how does it propose to change decision making?


Cllr Pat Hackett (Leader of Wirral Council) 14th May 2019

Cllr Pat Hackett (Leader of Wirral Council) 14th May 2019

On the agenda of a public meeting of Wirral Council’s Cabinet on Monday 24th June 2019 are proposed changes to how the Cabinet makes decisions as well as a proposal that certain decisions made by Wirral Council employees are published and are subject to the call-in procedure by councillors.

The proposed report and twenty-page scheme of delegation and procedure can be read on Wirral Council’s website.

If agreed tomorrow the changes will happen immediately (except for the changes relating to decisions made by Wirral Council employees which will be implemented from September 2019).

The new Cabinet Member briefs are proposed as follows:-

Cllr Pat Hackett (Leader) – Provide strategic direction for the organisation and leadership for the place. Represent Wirral at regional, national and international level

Cllr Janette Williamson (Finance and Resources) – Ensures Wirral is a well-run organisation. Provides financial stability and oversees all areas of Governance. Leads on the implementation of the People Strategy.

Cllr Tom Usher (Children, Families and Education) – Delivering improved outcomes for children and families. Clear focus on safeguarding and keeping families safe in their homes and communities.

Cllr Chris Jones (Care, Health and Wellbeing) – Delivering better outcomes for adults. Providing tailored, integrated services to disabled, vulnerable people to help them live healthier lives

Cllr Stuart Whittingham (Housing and Planning) – The housing offer – now and into the future – meets the needs of Wirral communities.

Cllr Julie McManus (Universal Services) – Everyday, universal services provided and commissioned by the Council, which every resident relies on are provided efficiently and effectively.

Cllr Liz Grey (Environment and Climate Change) – Wirral’s local environment is protected and enhanced. We redouble our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and support climate change efforts.

Cllr Anita Leech (The Local Plan) – Wirral delivers a robust, appropriate Local Plan which meets the needs of our residents.

Cllr Christine Spriggs (Culture and Tourism) – Wirral residents enjoy a wide range of cultural and sporting opportunities. Our visitor economy continues to grow.

Cllr Tony Jones (Regeneration and Growth) – The Council takes the driving seat in creating jobs and regeneration for Wirral residents and communities.

Last week Wirral Council’s Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee at a call-in meeting reviewed the decision of Cabinet Member Cllr Julie McManus about the Arrowe Park and Warren golf courses. Councillors decided to visit the golf courses before making a final recommendation.

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