Why did Mayor Anderson claim a councillor was “behaving like a child” for highlighting a cut of £42,000 to domestic violence charities?

Why did Mayor Anderson claim a councillor was “behaving like a child” for highlighting a cut of £42,000 to domestic violence charities?

Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 4th March 2015 showing the screen used for a live transcript of the meeting

Why did Mayor Anderson claim a councillor was “behaving like a child” for highlighting a cut of £42,000 to domestic violence charities?


Just for a change I thought I would attend a public meeting of Liverpool City Council yesterday evening, which was their budget meeting.

Prior to the meeting starting, there were a lot of police outside Liverpool Town Hall and not just on foot, but going round on motorbikes and police vehicles. The High Street was closed off to traffic as you can see from the traffic cone to the right of the photo I took below:

Even before getting in to the Council Chamber, the City Watch (Liverpool City Council employees) were stop searching everyone from the press and public attending, supposedly for “whistles and banners”.

At the time this meeting happened (due to the similarity in uniforms between Liverpool City Council’s City Watch and Merseyside Police) I made a Freedom of Information Act request to Merseyside Police for further details. However it turned out that Merseyside Police had nothing to do with the stop searches.

However moving swiftly on to the meeting itself, you can read the papers for the meeting on Liverpool City Council’s website.

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Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 4th March 2015 Part 1

Liverpool City Council (unlike Wirral Council) doesn’t have a public gallery a floor above the Council Chamber, so the public sit on chairs (or benches) around where the councillors sit. What was also interesting was that during the meeting a screen showed a live transcript of what was said.

On Wirral I know that during Council meetings there are two people providing sign language, however having what is being said during the meeting appear on a screen that everyone can see, benefits everyone with hearing difficulties in being able to follow what’s going on.

Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 4th March 2015 showing the screen used for a live transcript of the meeting
Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 4th March 2015 showing the screen used for a live transcript of the meeting

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool (who chairs meetings of Liverpool City Council) did refer to social media and filming of meetings at the start and said, "Can I remind those present that this is a meeting held in public and not a public meeting? I would also like to emphasise that this is a key public meeting, can I therefore request that everyone present, including the public treat this meeting accordingly which will enable the business to be dealt with effectively?

The use of social media and filming for reporting proceedings is permitted during Council meetings. This does not extend to filming of members of the public and anyone wishing to film the proceedings are also particularly directed to the very sensitive issue of filming children without the express permission of their parents."

Sadly although the public were well-behaved during the meeting, the Lord Mayor’s plea to councillors to behave fell on deaf ears (but more of that later). Once the items such as declarations of interest and minutes of the last meeting were dealt with, the Lord Mayor suggested that Mayor Anderson had twenty minutes to speak to Labour’s budget, the mover of an amendment or right to reply ten minutes and all other speakers allowed five minutes and with the permission of Council a two-minute extension.

Mayor Anderson started his speech at 5 minutes 36 seconds into the video clip above and finished it at 45 minutes 48 seconds (a total of forty minutes 12 seconds) which was double the twenty minutes he’d been given.

Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 4th March 2015 Mayor Joe Anderson speaks on Labour's budget
Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 4th March 2015 Mayor Joe Anderson speaks on Labour’s budget

It’s hard to summarise such a massively long speech although I will try. He said, “we’ve faced an onslaught by this government in terms of financial cuts” and referred to the Green Party as “no more than militant in sandals, the phrase I coined but it is true and absolutely true”.

He went on to criticise the Green Party’s budget amendment for raising Council Tax by 6% (whilst conveniently failing to mention that his own party’s budget would also raise Council Tax by 1.99%) and asked if the Greens wanted to “return us back to the [19]80s”?

Mayor Anderson referred to Cllr Kemp (Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group) as “caustic Kemp” and then went on to say about Cllr Kemp “it’s another smear and it’s another insult and that’s all we get from you so either put up or shut up, that’s my advice to you”. He then went on to refer to Cllr Kemp as “Mr 3% who spends more time jetting off around the world telling people how important he is, instead of spending more time with the Deputy Prime Minister telling him about the damage that is being done to our city on a daily basis”.

Mayor Anderson also stated that he wanted people who worked in Liverpool to live there so that Liverpool City Council would receive council tax from them. He also said (if I heard it correctly) that next week he was going to MIPIM (Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier which is an international property event held in Cannes, France), although the screen displayed it as Mickham but that this was “not a jolly”.

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Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 4th March 2015 Part 1

Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 5th March 2015 Cllr Jake Morrison tries to move an amendment
Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 4th March 2015 Cllr Jake Morrison tries to move an amendment

After his speech and the applause from the Labour benches had died down, Cllr Jake Morrison (independent) tried to move an amendment to the budget. He said that the chief financial officer had looked at it and said it was legal, but that the Chief Executive [Ged Fitzgerald] had decided “not to allow it tonight” so he was asking the Lord Mayor whether he could move it.

The Chief Executive Ged Fitzgerald then gave a rather long-winded response stating that it shouldn’t be accepted as it hadn’t been submitted in time and that it would set a bad “precedent”. The Lord Mayor asked Cllr Morrison if there was a reason why he hadn’t been able to move the amendment.

Cllr Morrison said that the Council summons hadn’t informed him of the consequences of submitting a late amendment and that his budget amendment related to a cut of £42,000 to domestic violence charities which he only found out about the day before.

The Lord Mayor asked if he could speak to the main motion and ask for his amendment to be accepted rather than as an amendment? She then detailed how she had planned the meeting to go.

Cllr Morrison said “I will stand up until I can move this amendment”. Everyone started speaking at once and the Lord Mayor said (to Cllr Morrison), “sit down or I will ask you to leave the Chamber! Would you leave the Chamber Councillor Morrison? Could you leave the Chamber please thank you? Could you leave the Chamber please Councillor Morrison? Would you leave the Chamber?”

Throughout this Councillor Morrison carried on talking to his amendment.

The Lord Mayor then said, “If you don’t leave the chamber, I will adjourn the meeting for ten minutes!”

Mayor Anderson then intervened and referred to Cllr Morrison’s behaviour as “behaving like a child, you can stand up there and get thrown out. That’s what you might want for your leaflets or whatever”. He asked if Cllr Morrison wanted an answer to his amendment or to “spit your dummy out?” and that he felt he’d “wasted the last twenty-five minutes on you”.

Cllr Morrison said, “Can I respond to that?” to which the Lord Mayor replied, “No. Cllr Morrison, I’m sorry no, Councillor Morrison either you’re quiet or you leave. You really are being grossly disrespectful.”

Cllr Morrison said, “I want to move that amendment.”

The Lord Mayor banged her gavel and said, “This meeting’s adjourned for ten minutes.”

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27 thoughts on “Why did Mayor Anderson claim a councillor was “behaving like a child” for highlighting a cut of £42,000 to domestic violence charities?”

  1. Screens and permitted filming Wirral take note or else I can see troubles. As for Wirral councillor behaving like a child,that is simply because they are a bunch of puerile idiots.

    1. Well in all the time I’ve been attended public meetings at Wirral Council I can’t remember once a chair of a meeting asking a councillor to leave but there’s a different culture of politics over in Liverpool.

  2. Mr Brace, really there is no real difference in the Political Culture of either side, the Leader is a bit more Vocal and Travels a lot more. You will also find that the Friction Stems from a previous spat, as it was not long ago both of them were singing from the same Hymn Sheet, if I am correct

    In respect to the Section 60 matter, it is an Operational Police Matter to be considered by an Inspector or Above or that is the answer you will get. In respect of the Screen, you have to trust what you see and get a Transcript After, then Proof Read it to confirm everything is correct. Much better to do it yourself.

    I will not go into possibly where that 42, 000 has gone or going, but somewhere in there ” Cuts ” does have a part to play, as I have certainly been led to believe.

    1. Yes I’m aware Cllr Morrison used to be a Labour councillor.

      The answer to my FOI request is that they don’t keep the transcript.

      It seems (if I remember correctly) Liverpool City Council decided to reduce the amounts it gives to charities (such as the domestic violence charities in question) by 50%.

      Rather strangely the response from the elected Mayor was that they couldn’t reverse this 50% cut to the domestic violence charities without the possibility of facing legal challenges that this wasn’t fair from other charities still facing cuts.

  3. Bully Boys it reminds of the Derek Hatton days where labour or militant as they were known seem to have returned in the the disguise of the labour party where if the shout loud enough & abuse other party members the can bully their ways through. The only saving grace is that the meeting was allowed to be filmed in accordance with current legislation & I suggest Wirral leader & legal advisor take note before breaking the law & invoke the wrath of Mr Pickles & get their knuckles wrapped yet again

  4. Here’s a depressing story starring Joe Anderson. The conclusion we can draw is he’d blend in and hit the ground running very quickly here on Wirral.

    It gives you a hint at the mark of the man i.e. he’s not above squandering public money hand over fist to achieve concealment of serious breaches of statutory law. He’ll also roll up his sleeves and publicly and verbally attack members of the public who he knows have been on the wrong end of the city council and its service providers’ callous treatment:


    1. I’m aware of your blog post and the political culture at Liverpool City Council.

      On a wider political point, it seems Social Services departments are outsourcing more and more of their services to the private sector (who have a profit motive).

      Although such services are supposed to be regulated, you only have to look at the recent report into a maternity unit in the North West to see how the CQC (the regulator) gave it glowing praise during the same time period an independent report highlighted many avoidable deaths and many flaws in the systems of governance and oversight.

  5. G’day John and Paul

    Two of my Wirral heroes!

    I think “The Dunny Chain Wearer” models himself on “Uncle Joe”.

    After his year in the “STY” he will morph more into him.



    Keep up the great work lads until the vermin is gone and it becomes a civilised society of openness, honesty and transparency.

    No more porkies “Football Shit”.

  6. G’day again John

    On a more serious note because you certainly cannot take “The Dunny Chain Wearer” “Phil the Dill” “His ugly twin brother with the comb over from hell” seriously ala Wirralgate to mention one farce.

    They not only allowed Wirral “Funny” Bizz to get away with hundreds of thousands of pounds in super profits they didn’t stop paying them for 18 months after the whistleblowing when “The Chamber Potty” wanted them closed down instantly.

    John and Paul don’t fall off your chairs laughing they want Wirral “Funny” Bizz to sneak and creep and crawl into dissolution in the next few weeks.

    Why do they have a legal department my friends other than to torture the poor of Wirral?



    Ps Just as an aside my heroes how about the IT mob just working for what they earn on council cheats.

    Well blow me effing over haven’t they witnesssed what people do when they get paid for results? Will their systems have bytes or (baseball) bats?

    They really shouldn’t try to be clever, because they are not.

  7. Mr Brace, No Matter if they Outsource to Private Providers, they still have a Statutory Responsibility to ensure the Service that is being provided is of an Acceptable Standard (See Recent Case involving a Swimming Pool Incident).

    In respect to breaking Statutory Laws, who has broken the Law and why has it not been reported?. I can remember Degga and you knew where you were up to with him. It was a case of put up or shut up, same with Mr A, so no difference there then.

    In relation to the CQC, they have to have evidence, the same as any other Agency that there are ongoing problems (see recent SFO Case) or you may have to pay the Piper (Met Speaking). In any case that matter has in fact been brought to light and will now be dealt with.

    I am also well aware of Baseball Bats, Fruit Bats, Birds, Tree’s, of Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails and aware of Two Islands. I was advised on more than one occasion in my life to stay Focused, this I have always tried to do.

    1. Who are what is Degga?

      Yes if they outsource a service they have to manage the contract competently, however the buck can still be passed a lot (politically) onto the contractor when things go wrong.

  8. G’day John

    I am appalled and disgusted about what I have just found out.

    The thieves who played with millions and millions and millions of pounds of Wirral’s hard earned, wasted lots and made super profits and are better protected than koala bears are dwelling in sunny Portugal whilst we are in this dump Merseyside.

    How dare they not do anything at all.

    Only Simon Kelly had any decency at Gra Gra’s farce of 8 October 2014 by insisting something be done about these criminals.

    John what message does this give any one who does work for the Clowncil.

    I personally challenge “The Shyster” to get his finger out almost four years later.

    Four effing years.



    1. Well everything has gone quiet on the BIG/ISUS issue hasn’t it? Maybe they’re waiting for the new Chief Executive to start and it’ll be put in his in tray.

  9. Mr Griffiths, I have to draw the line, Liverpool and the outer Area’s are a Nice place to Live and it is not a Dump Yet!!!

    1. There is Nothing like Creating your own Rating is there!!!!!!!!!! or somebody else doing it for you.

      1. At least Repars I am prepared to say who I am.

        Go hide behind your town hall with all your Portugese friends.

        I think your law is a complete ass.

        1. C’mon Repars

          Stand up and be counted

          What’s your real name then?

    2. Just a few headlines from today

      Health watchdog launches investigation into Arrowe Park Hospital finances

      Birkenhead Park becomes a no-go zone for yobs this weekend

      Asylum seekers in Liverpool speak out: “We are treated like animals”

      Paramedic banned from football matches after making Nazi salute at Anfield

      Conman builder admits string of offences against Wirral customers

      This is the picture of the corrupt policewoman involved in Steven Gerrard blackmail plot

      Crooked Merseyside cop whose lies saw him earn an extra £40k to ‘forfeit pension’ to pay back cash

      Liverpool club Republik shut for three months after judge grants closure order

      Liverpool club Republik shut for three months after judge grants closure order

      You’ll be right mate down on the Dee oblivious to the real place.

      “The Dunny Chain Wearer” didn’t even get a mention. Today.

  10. Mr Brace and Mr G, Do you think I am Stupid? Cowardly I would say on the whole your probably right, I do not want to be bothered by these people anymore than you have got a Chance of Winning the Lottery. Portugal is Nice this time of year, can you blame them?

    1. Ps ” As you think I am ” Inutile ” I will not comment again. Thanks Mr Brace

      1. This My ****

        Is why the system stinks and people like “The Shyster” just rake it in.

        “Highbrow FOI”

        Dear Department for Communities and Local Government,

        In a weeks time this will go to the Information commissioner as you having failed to respond firstly within 20 days, then follow
        request for internal review , having failed to respond within a
        further 40 days

        Yours faithfully,

        nigel hobro

        It doesn’t really matter what this particular issue is the system and your state has just turned to s****.

        How many councils are indefensible…..Rotherham, Rochdale Tower Hamlets and that is just at the end of the alphabet ha ha ha ha ha ha…………………… WIRRAL.

        DCLG are no better than Wirral or any other organisation unless you can prove otherwise.

        When is stealing not stealing.

        When is lying not lying.

        When is protecting Euro money not the issue.

        Dear oh dear stick your section 16 and the rest of your sections where the sun don’t shine.



        Ps When the law (Wirral) stops protecting the guilty it might work

        Wirral “Funny” Bizz Wirral “Funny” Bizz Wirral “Funny Bizz”

        Google for Portuguese version.

        Pps And where you are down on the Dee is probably better than the North End ……..but how would you know?

      2. I wouldn’t say inutile I would say futile the way they treat me.

        I have no doubt you …..could have been great….. except

        1. And while I am on a roll you pompous so and so what is this conspiracy of silence crap.

          If no one says anything…… it didn’t happen?

          You really are stupid if you accept that and go along with the conspiracy, or, non-conspiracy in your mind.

          Wirral “Funny” Bizz were thieving barstards and that will never change.

          Did you see Gra Gra at his farce of a connived meeting and “The Raving Loony” turning from the previous meeting saying it was the worst scandal in forty years to yes sir no sir can I suck up to you some more sir and ask “Highbrow” to apologise.

          Lies are lies are lies are lies.

          What section is that in of your ridiculous law?????

  11. Good Morning John

    In the sober cold light of day and an election pending everything is coming good.

    Leeway on parking fines and plans of turning Birkenhead into Dubai. No ridiculous talk about golf. No mention yet on where this years junket is too and “The Chamber Potty” won’t tell you because keeping her gob shut is her specialist subject.

    But senior officers still lied to us, Wirral “Funny” Biz still stole hundreds of thousands of £’s, The clowncil spent well over £200K and still going protecting the thieves who are now residing in sunny Portugal. The Kitchen Cabinet still bully people into voting to close special schools. Well I hope they bullied them into that revolting inhumane vote, they can’t all be…… revolting, can they?.

    History won’t change my man but hopefully the really ugly councillors amongst them will.



  12. G’day John

    Saturday night in Portugal.

    Gallons of scotch for the witch of Wirral “Funny” Bizz and her weasel of a husband all paid for by Wirral Council Taxpayers.

    Saturday night on Wirral.

    “The Dunny Chain Wearer” will be feeding his fat face.

    The Welsh sloth will be having an early sleep.

    “The Raving Loony” will be waiting for his medication.

    “The Football Shirt” is still a liar.

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” is still a liar.

    “The Chamber Potty” will still have her gob shut.

    “Crabapple” is still the village idiot in a van.

    “Phil the Dill” and “His ugly twin brother with the comb over from hell” will be sweating on “The Dunny Chain Wearer” sorting out Wirralgate.

    Can’t wait to see Stella’s erection.



    Reprahtnehpets will be itching to quote a section of the bullshit that lets Wirral “Funny” Bizz get away with robbery aided and abetted by his hero “The Shyster”.

    Watching The Voice with a massive link to The Big Fund.

  13. G’day John

    Lovely morning I have been awake since 4am with blue flashing lights and police helicopters outside in Reprahnehpets LAWLESS Merseyside.

    I had this dream that the mob from down Campbelltown Road had returned from Portugal to get some more of their ill-gotten gains.

    Do you know what John even at 4.30am “The Football Shirt” is still a liar and his bessie “He can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” and their cohort “Humpty Dumpty”.

    “the Dunny Chain Wearer” is probably still out with “Frankenstein” hoovering up the left over pork pies and plotting about how they will keep “Ecca” in his cage.

    He is probably indebted already.

    Time won’t change anything John and their will be no improvement until they do the right thing.

    I would laugh my bits off John if this years junket was POTUGAL with Stella. Kenny and the “Wirral Funny biz gang.



    Ps Might just go out and point out The Clownhall to the chopper pilot.

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