Wirral Council Cabinet 13/10/2011 Job Evaluation, Merseyside Pension Fund accounts, Part 4

Chris Hyams, Head of HR & OD introduced Agenda Item 23: Job Evaluation. She said she sought Cabinet’s approval for the implementation of stage 4 which covered the Heads of Service and Chief Officers. The costs were in Agenda Item 35 – Exempt Appendix – Job Evaluation. She wanted to complete the process and they were working on stages 2 and 3. Stage 3 was underway regarding the evaluation of jobs.

Cllr Steve Foulkes asked if there was much option about taking it through to the upper grades?

Chris Hyams responded that there had been a local agreement in 2008 [by Cabinet].

Cllr Adrian Jones referred to 3.1 in the report . The recommendations were agreed.

Ian Coleman, Director of Finance introduced item 4 Merseyside Pension Fund Accounts. He said it was a statutory report that had already been agreed by the Pension Committee and the Audit and Risk Management Committee. The auditors had given an unqualified opinion.

Cllr Steve Foulkes said he was happy to endorse the accounts. The item was agreed.

Ian Coleman, Director of Finance introduced item 5 Audit Commission – Merseyside Pension Fund Annual Governance Report. He said it had already been presented to the Audit & Risk Management committee.

Cllr Steve Foulkes said that Wirral Council had been entrusted with the governance of one of the largest pension funds. Regarding best practice and skills, he asked how much it was possible for cross-skilling so Wirral’s corporate governance could pick up best practice from the Pension Fund?

Ian Coleman, Director of Finance said the Pension Fund was a division in the Department of Finance. He said the Pension Fund was a single service operation so governance was easier. The Pension Fund had to stick to Pension Committee policies and had oversight by the Audit Commission.

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