Wirral Council consult on 11 metre wide Hoylake Bypass as part of Hoylake Golf Resort project!

Wirral Council consult on 11 metre wide Hoylake Bypass as part of Hoylake Golf Resort project!

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Wirral Council consult on 11 metre wide Hoylake Bypass as part of Hoylake Golf Resort project!


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This story continues from three earlier blog posts, headlined What are the 21 paragraphs of reasons why Wirral Council opposes release of the Hoylake Golf Resort contract?, Wirral Council asks judiciary to intervene to keep 94 page report on Hoylake Golf Resort secret! and ICO require Wirral Council to release 94 page draft agreement with Nicklaus Joint Venture Group Limited about Hoylake Golf Resort.

The vast majority of the development agreement for the Hoylake Golf Resort (although there is still disputed information which will be resolved by a First-tier Tribunal (Information Rights) case) was released by Wirral Council yesterday and published on the whatdotheyknow.com website.

There is also mention of the Hoylake Golf Resort in the Strategic Regeneration Framework consultation, specifically on page 36 of the draft Strategic Regeneration Framework of a proposed road.

The proposed road referred to in the draft Strategic Regeneration Framework referred to in the development agreement as Hoylake Bypass is defined as a “7.5 metre, two-way undivided main carriageway with a 1 metre wide service/buffer strip and a shared 2.5 metre wide gateway/cycleway (providing for a 11 metre minimum total highway width) which is to be constructed on the Site pursuant to the Highways Agreement the approximate route of which is shown marked in pink on plan 6 or along such other route as the Developer and the Council may agree (acting reasonably)”.

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Author: John Brace

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5 thoughts on “Wirral Council consult on 11 metre wide Hoylake Bypass as part of Hoylake Golf Resort project!”

  1. On a week of stormy weather where grids have been blocked and roads flooded, due to cut back in servicesand putting lives at risk its nice to know the Wirral Clowns have money to burn on this Golf course.
    How many Golf course’s do we need on Wirral anyway?

    1. Well it hasn’t got planning permission yet (nor has a planning application been made yet).

      I don’t play golf, so I’m not sure how many golf courses Wirral already has.

  2. I have heard that the recent version of Football Golf is proving to be popular amongst the young population, I understand this is remarkably cheap and easy to build, maintain, and requires much less land area.
    Land area being very much in demand at the moment in particular for what is termed as affordable housing, this is also a commodity required to aid and assist the Younger generations to gain a foothold in the property market.
    I am not sure just which particular Party Political Ideology would or should be behind such enterprise as housing the homeless or enabling younger people to get on in life, but it should be seriously considered when we next vote on anything as important as Local Government or even National Party MPs.

  3. Quick visit to the top of my head says six or seven…we need another one like a hole in one. JNVG, or whatever other capital or funding group is spawned want to create a top tier rich man’s playground right where we have some of the most fragile and beautiful coastline and hinterland. because tees, shrubs, birds and so on have no voice and thus are the line of least resistance- which is why they need our protection. Remember how the Aberdeenshire Council capitulated to Trump, who threw out the inhabitants of the Balmeanie coastline, in a move reminiscent of the Highland Clearances- think I am right in saying that, having despoliated and wiped out the SSSI, replacing it with an obscene golf course, and having forcibly evicted those who had lived and worked there all their lives, the Trump venture went belly up and he pulled out-too late, alas, for the natural world he raped and plundered. We need to get together to fight this- all that is required is the will. Join the Stop Hoylake Golf Resort

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