Cllr Steve Foulkes on being Mayor "it’s the first time in my life I’ve been genuinely liked as a politician"

Cllr Steve Foulkes on being Mayor “it’s the first time in my life I’ve been genuinely liked as a politician”

Cllr Steve Foulkes on being Mayor “it’s the first time in my life I’ve been genuinely liked as a politician”


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Annual Meeting of Wirral Council (Part 1) 18th May 2015

Councillor Steve Foulkes giving his outgoing speech as Mayor at the Annual Meeting of Wirral Council (18th May 2015)
Councillor Steve Foulkes giving his outgoing speech as Mayor at the Annual Meeting of Wirral Council (18th May 2015)

It was a return to the traditional venue of the Civic Hall at Wallasey Town Hall for the annual meeting of Wirral Council to elect a Mayor.

Outgoing Mayor Cllr Steve Foulkes started his last speech as Mayor by thanking many people who had helped him during his time as Mayor. Over £32,000 had been raised in support of the charities chosen by him (Stick ‘N’ Step, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Wirral Foodbank). He also made an appeal for councillors and employees of Wirral Council to enter the Mayor’s lottery.

Matthew Lewis (Mayoral cadet) receives a certificate from Mayor Steve Foulkes (18th May 2015)
Matthew Lewis (Mayoral cadet) receives a certificate from Mayor Steve Foulkes (18th May 2015)

Matthew Lewis (the Mayoral cadet) was then awarded a certificate by the Mayor (as pictured above).

Mayor Steve Foulkes continued by paying tribute to the Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress. He said that meetings of all councillors had gone well this year as people had been polite to each other and respected each other. Together with the Deputy Mayor they had been to six hundred different engagements. He went on to say “and finally it’s the first time in my life I’ve been genuinely liked as a politician”. Highlights of his year included the Open Golf Championship and WWI commemorations and he referred to Wallasey Town Hall’s history during WWI as a hospital.

Here are two of the jokes he told:

“It’s only recently I heard the tale that we were mentioned in the Arthurian tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. You may remember that?

We’re described, the Wirral’s described as a mysterious, forested place inhabited by man and beast that God cannot love. It’s good to see the Wirral PR team still in action in the thirteenth century!”

followed by

“This story is about the river streets. A guy coming home, anyone know the river streets in the north end of Birkenhead? Yeah? A guy’s coming home, he’s a little bit tiddly, he finds a dead body of all things in the street.

So in the old days when we had phone boxes, he goes to the phone box and he rings up. ‘Yes sir, what’s the incident?’ He said, ‘I’ve found a dead body’ ‘Give me your name sir’ ‘Yes I’ll give you my name’ ‘Now we need to know exactly where the dead body is, where is it sir?’ He says ‘I found the dead body in Buccleuch Street’ ‘Well sir, I’m afraid you’re going to have to spell that for us, can you spell Buccleuch Street?’

Phone goes dead, two minutes later the guy comes back puffing and panting. ‘It’s alright la, I’ve dragged the body into Avon Street.'”

Cllr Jeff Green (Conservative Leader) proposed Cllr Les Rowlands as Mayor and gave people a few insights into Cllr Les Rowland’s childhood and career. He said the charities that Cllr Les Rowlands had picked for fundraising during his Mayoral year would be the Clatterbridge Hospitals League of Friends, North West Air Ambulance and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Cllr Phil Gilchrist (Lib Dem Leader) seconded Cllr Green’s nomination of Cllr Les Rowlands as Mayor.

As there were no other nominations Cllr Steve Foulkes declared Cllr Les Rowlands elected as Mayor. The meeting was then adjourned so that Cllr Les Rowlands could put on the Mayoral robes and return.

Continues at Mayor of Wirral Cllr Les Rowlands’ theme for the year will be the "growing elderly population on Wirral".

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Author: John Brace

New media journalist from Birkenhead, England who writes about Wirral Council. Published and promoted by John Brace, 134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH. Printed by UK Webhosting Ltd t/a Tsohost, 113-114 Buckingham Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, England, SL1 4PF.

70 thoughts on “Cllr Steve Foulkes on being Mayor "it’s the first time in my life I’ve been genuinely liked as a politician"”

  1. Do you know Mr Brace, someone gave him the Gift of Insight or should that be Hindsight he not only thinks he can walk on Stella’s Waters, he thinks he can part them as well or should that be the other way around. Sharp as a Needle, Bright as a Button

  2. o £736,756.97 plundered from the bank accounts of many of the council’s learning disabled tenants

    o Whistleblower bullied, mobbed and driven from his job

    o Massively reduced amounts offered as ‘reimbursement’

    o Cover up mounted, the far-reaching effects of which are still felt to this day. Investigations remain redacted, with the crucial information obliterated

    o Botched external inquiries carried out, but no declarations of interest offered by the commissioned investigators. Interviews not minuted or tape recorded, allowing abusive senior officers off the hook

    o Serious Organised Criminals providing ‘care’ were accredited by the council

    o AK Associates failed to investigate councillors, claiming ‘not enough time’ – the very people they’d been training years earlier. (A hidden interest that was tellingly not declared)

    o Expensive LGA whitewash, paid for by the public

    o £1 million plus handed to abusive senior officers, along with settlement agreements, gagging clauses, clean bills of health to enable future appointments at unwitting public bodies

    o LGC award for “most improved council” – bestowed by the organisation that gave Rotherham Council Children’s Services the top award in 2008 – at the height of unchecked child abuse, which was seen to be minimised, not seen, and evidence possibly destroyed

    o and much, much, much, much more sordid, immoral, sometimes illegal activity

    It’s still early days, but has the foul stench started to subside?

    1. After the flame war that happened in the comments on this blog yesterday, I’ll put it this way either:

      (a) Wirral Council did improve or
      (b) Wirral Council got better at reputation management/spin

      I’ll leave it up to those reading these comments to figure out which one is the case (or whether it’s a combination of the two).

        1. Postscript, the clue is in the Air Cadet receiving the Certificate, he must have been distracted by the Spin Doctor

  3. Just don’t understand the need for a Mayor, Deputy Mayor or indeed a Mayoress, come to think of it even Councillors, its not that they ever do anything?
    I have noticed in and around Wirral as i travel around, the road markings have all been repainted, yet when you ask them to fill the pot holes and fix the roads, the reply i get back is, we’ve got no money! so were the hell do you get it for the road markings?

    1. This page on Wirral Council’s website explains what the Mayor does.

      The Deputy Mayor deputises for the Mayor. So for example the Deputy Mayor may chair Council meetings if the Mayor has to declare a prejudicial interest and leave the room.

      As to Mayoress and Deputy Mayoress, well they have an important role in supporting their other half!

      Mayors/Deputy Mayors and councillors do an awful lot. Perhaps I just see more of them than you do because of my job.

      The Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation is Cllr Stuart Whittingham.

      However, on the Wirral roads maintenance is outsourced to a company called BAM Nuttall.

      I did request a copy of the contract Wirral Council has with BAM Nuttall during the 2013/14 audit last year.

      However it was refused as BAM Nuttall started the contract on the 1st April 2014 (the 2014/15 financial year).

      Some roads on Wirral aren’t Wirral Council’s responsibility such as the M53 which falls under the remit of the Highways England. Some roads are unadopted (therefore responsibility for repair doesn’t rest with Wirral Council).

      In some cases a pothole or pavement defect won’t meet Wirral Council’s thresholds for repaired.

  4. G’day John

    I felt bad about yesterday for you but I can’t give up on being lied to over an approximate £2,000.000.00 fraud being ignored.

    I am glad someone bit yesterday because there has been an almost four year conspiracy of silence at Wirral defending cheating, lying barstards of clowncil officers.

    Please comment if you would have just ignored it like 65 Clowncillors.

    What are they there for?

    It is an absolute disgrace.

    If DCLG do not do something about this there is absolutely no hope whatever for this country.

    You only want to move on and ignore if you are guilty.

    There was a comment about Martins nice way of doing it and I believe he is owed much much more he is a real, decent nice man.

    There was also a comment somewhere about Ecca keeping a low profile.

    What profile?



    I don’t give a toss about what is thought of me.

    1. I used to be nice James.I’m not nice anymore.I belatedly learned that nice gets you nowhere – as 3 years unemployment will testify. What you need to do is you use what you know to secure your position and/or ruthlessly extract money from the Council.I told you I used to be nice didn’t I?.

  5. My view is if a fully grown mature man is desperately driven enough to want to become Mayor then to earn that space for their name on the Town Hall wall, they should be made to humiliate themselves daily and wear the Mayor costume every single day of the year no matter whether or not they are performing their civic duty.
    Yes! That’d show us all how completely desperate and passionate they were to be bestowed with the title Mayor of the Wirral.
    A tiny little feathered hat, a waste length red coat with huge brass buttons upon it, black patent leather shiny shoes that house a huge buckle, white stockings and white and extremely tight britches that’d flatten the poor fools testicles and distort his scrotum each and every time he pulled them up and above their ample thighs.
    Yes indeed. Couple that with a zipper at the front of these britches and one at the rear in case some poor soul sees the Mayor staggering around pissed and becomes overwhelmed by a deep need to bugger the Mayor, we’d soon discover which local politician wanted the title of Mayor the most.

    1. This might be handy for “The ex Dunny Chain Wearer” after the brawl from the hall at The Charity Ball.

      1. The jezza links for you Jimbo
        you ain’t doing any favours for the guys with real issues but sure you know that

        Forthwith and henceforth across these lands you shall furthermore be known as the plonker puller

        1. Sticks and stones will break my bones

          But history won’t change and they are lying cheating barstards and I will keep saying it till justice.

          I won’t even bother for thinking of a name for you you are nothing..

        2. Brad Davies

          My most sincere and deepest apologies you are so clever.

          Forthwith and henceforth across these lands you shall furthermore be known as My Genius.

          I just put Jezza on and he does lie detectors.

          Can you and your mates Clowncil Ex-Clowncil set it up.

          There might be ANOTHER quid in it for you.

          You might struggle to get “The Football Shirt” there but if Jezza can ask if there is a conspiracy of silence they will be in trouble.

          Jezzas now taliking about a “full house” so maybe he could set up at the next full Clowncil Meeting.



          Luv you My Genius xxxxx

  6. G’day John

    You say

    Here are two of the jokes he told:

    Why did you not list his best one?

    Cllr Steve Foulkes on being Mayor “it’s the first time in my life I’ve been genuinely liked as a politician”

    Who was he having a free beer and pork pie with when he came out with that gem.

    “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”?

    I presume his wing man followed him round all year helping collect the charity money?



    I like the OZ Prime Ministers comment today “A crime is a crime is a crime is a crime.

    Wirral “Funny”Bizz
    Wirral Gate

    Got it ANNONY MOUSE a crime is a crime is a crime is a crime is a crime is a crime????????? Luv ya xxxxxxx

    1. Well there are some people that would only view it as a crime if the criminal is convicted in a court of law (with the innocent until proven guilty presumption).

      See Slide 1.4 here which is from a recent police meeting.

      If you look at that you’ll find the police have been incorrectly classing some crimes as “no crime”.

      Even the ones they class as crime they don’t have a 100% clear up rate. Take domestic burglary as an example, the “positive outcome trend” is 32.4% for March. So basically 2/3rds domestic burglaries get reported but the police don’t have a “positive outcome”.

      So if 2/3rds of domestic burglaries don’t result in a “positive outcome” what do you think the “positive outcome” percentage for more complex crimes like fraud is?

      1. G’day John Brace OBE OBE OBE

        All I can think to say is





        Etc Etc Etc




    Wake up wake up “Phil the Dill” says in that rubbish paper from over Stella’s stagnant Wirral Waters

    However, following the meeting Cllr Davies said he anticipates further cuts to the council budget in coming five years under the new Conservative government.

    He said former cities minister Greg Clark, who was appointed to replace Eric Pickles as the new secretary of state for the department of communities and local government, appears “more enlightened about the localism agenda”.

    But Cllr Davies added: “Whether that translates into fairer funding for local government we will have to see. We accept savings have to be made at the macro level, but it’s the lack of fairness in which it’s been done – I hope Greg Clark will have a different view on how money for local authorities is divvied up – but the jury’s still out.

    Oh boy do I hope Annony that


    as the new secretary of state for the department of communities and local government, appears “more enlightened about the localism agenda



  8. G’day John

    Did I hear “The Dunny Chain Wearer” say he was acting Returning Officer for his mate Frankenstein?


    Did he just tell “Spotty Dog” to heel.

    Will he share his Returning Officer money with his new boss “The Dunny Chain Wearer”?



    Is it legal John if The Returning Officer doesn’t announce it?

    Oh That’s right they are above the law aren’t thry?

    1. I will explain. For a borough constituency contained within a district in a General Election the Mayor (or chair of the district council) announces the results.

      He is the Returning Officer. One of the duties of the Returning Officer is to declare and give public notice of the result.

      Wirral has two borough constituencies (Wallasey and Birkenhead) with Wirral West and Wirral South being county constituencies.

      So yes, Cllr Steve Foulkes would have announced the General Election results for the 2015 Wallasey and Birkenhead.

      For the Wallasey and Birkenhead results Eric Robinson is the (Acting) Returning Officer. I realise it’s confusing.

      So in answer to your question, it’s perfectly legal for the Mayor of Wirral to declare the General Election result for Birkenhead, in fact that’s what’s supposed to happen.

      See this Electoral Commission file for more detail.

  9. Bravo Brad

    “you ain’t doing any favours for the guys with real issues but sure you know that”

    Absolutely spot on.


      1. Still don’t get it, do you?

        Leave it to Hobro, he’s a bit more grown-up than you.

  10. Mr Brace and Mr Griffiths in particular. You appear to make reference to the recent matter of Tower Hamlets and Returning Officers. So you are fully aware of your rights and standard of proof required Look at the particular case of Mr M.L. Rahman? Tower Hamlets, a now former Office Chain Wearer, I know Mr Brace likes to be particular when quoting cases, but I will keep it simple for you (Although citations – neutral or otherwise can be provided). “Not now Cato Peter Sellers”

    1. Here’s the judgement in the Tower Hamlets election petition.

      Election petitions are a rarity though, as it has to be proved to a criminal standard. Plus in that case had the election petitioners lost, they would have had to pay an estimated £2 million costs.

      However we don’t have an elected Mayor here on Wirral and the system of governance at Wirral Council is the Leader/Cabinet model.

      There was also intervention in Tower Hamlets by the previous Secretary of State in Tower Hamlets by sending in commissioners.

  11. G’day Annony Mouse and My Genius

    In true Aussie good sportsmanship tell me the real issues and I will support you to the hilt putting the Wirral “Funny” Bizz approx £2,000,000.00 fraud on the back burner.

    It must be bad.

    You will get my full support.

    What are the issues?

    Ooroo team mates


    Despite Gallipoli

  12. Once again Mr Brace you have done some Homework. This is why it is such a Complex Matter for anyone to prove Fraud and Corruption against anyone.

    1. 1. Commissioners (Administration?).

    2. 2. You have to be fair to all parties concerned (Rights?)

    3. 3. Elected or Not (Standard of Proof Remains the same – Beyond a Reasonable Doubt).

    4. 4. You can now see with the possible cost’s awarded against, the other persons point of view.

    5. 5. I am aware of the Model adopted by WMBC, I have always been able to understand why the ” LEADER ” adopted that MODEL and why he wishes to retain it, besides BIG J finding out whats been happening.

    6. 6. Hence the Pretend Friend being allowed to leave WMBC.

    7. 7. Mr Griffiths gives a quote reference ” Crime “

    8. 8. You have to know who the Complainant is, State/Individual.

    9. 9. That is why you have to have EVIDENCE and in these cases, as Tight as Mike Dundee’s Bum.

    10. 10. This is why I would like to know when the Next Case (Tribunal or otherwise is up). I would tend to think it maybe someone close to me, as they continue to Threaten and Abuse. Your Move!!!!!!!!!!

    1. In answer to point 10.

      Unfortunately the court/tribunal lists are Crown copyright, so I can’t repeat them here.

      However if you register on the Courtserve website you can have electronic access to the lists for:

      County Court daily lists
      Employment Tribunal lists


  13. Look through previous comments, has anyone said that the matter raised by you and Hobro is not worthy of investigation?

    No, they haven’t. What the comments have said is that your manner of commenting on the Wirralbiz issue is what’s responsible for any loss of credibility.

    You’re stifling your own message mate.

    Presumably, you want people to be aware of the issue that you’ve whistleblown about? How then are you going to acheive that by constantly writing in an infantile, cryptic way?

    How many of Joe Public are going to be aware that ‘The Football Shit/Shirt” refers to Kevin Adderley, on account of the Everton football shirt he has hanging in his office?

    Or that ‘Comb-over from Hell’ refers to George Davies?

    You’re alienating the very people that would support you.

    Myron hit the nail on the head when he referred to you as narcissistic…..I remember that few weeks ago, you copied and pasted the same comment into about 10 different FOI requests on WDTK….All utterly unintelligible and completely inaccessible to the majority……It seems that it’s more important to you to be seen commenting, than the actual content of your commenting.

    Have some self-respect mate, did you ever see Martin stoop to name calling? No, he relied on the strength of his evidence AND the support of the public.

    You’re never going to get the support of the public with your cliquey, ‘in-joke’ comments because a) they won’t understand your references and b)you come over as smug and facetious

    1. Mr/Mrs/Ms,etc Anon, you seem quite an intelligent person from your style of writing. The people who profess to know what is going on are aware of who Mr G is referring too. He is merely expressing an opinion and may I say with what I consider a Bayonet, with some Guts behind it. I would again support Mr Griffiths in his style of writing, however infantile you consider, not all of us are as Sharp as Needles and Bright as Buttons, as you appear to be Miss, Madam, Mr, Mrs.I appreciate if nobody else does, viewpoints being expressed in whatever manner (Smug, Facetious, etc). That is what Free Speech is about. A Help yourself guide to the Human Rights Act, Defamation, etc, is online Respectfully.

      1. Mr, etc, Mr Morton, whilst he had maybe the support of his family in part or to a Degree, over a long time period, matters Fade and that support can Diminish. Again it was what I would call ” A Bayonet with some guts behind it ” that prevented Mr Morton and the others from going under and giving up. Please examine the facts of each case.

    2. Four years on almost and the only support has been Simon Kelly and you saw what they did to him.

      “The Chamber Potty” new the story and they stuffed something in her gob.

      What are the important issues you say you have?

  14. G’day John

    Sorry about today.

    A lot of hot air but nobody at the Clowncil has done anything about “Highbrow’s irrefutable evidence (Other than Simon Kelly).

    3 years 10 months and 16 days since I blew the whistle and the clowncil, police, media has done anything much, so is it all fairy tales?.

    When it gets to court “Highbrow” will rip them apart.

    I am just wondering why now, I mean yesterday, anyone is actually giving a shit about my inane ramblings and putting names to my ridiculous characters?

    Can I just make it quite clear that, I don’t know for sure, but “Highbrow” has no say or much liking of my stupid stupid ramblings.


    Forthwith and henceforth across these lands you shall furthermore be known as the plonker puller

    Ps I bet Brad Davies is his name as well.

    1. 1) Stuart Kelly is no longer a councillor having lost an election earlier this month.

      2) What do you expect the media to do?

      1. G’day John

        The right thing by the tax paying public.

        Every one knows about the meeting on the staircase when “The Dunny Chain Wearer” had to pause the full meeting when “Highbrow” and “Martin” were asking questions and an envelope was passed to that tweed jacket from the rubbish paper from over Stella’s stagnant Wirral Waters. We were there.

        He could report that envelope but it is probably not newsworthy as it wasn’t on Gra Gra’s Stairway to Hell.



        We will try for a quiet day tomorrow and hope the DCLG are back at work after the election and answering FOI’s.

        Just remembered “The Dunny Chain Wearer” hoping the golf is back soon.

        Do you think he visited the OPEN rental House?

        And did she Open!

          1. Did you take a take a little bit out you cheeky monkey!

            That can remain are secret.

            Or shall we just have a conspiracy of silence about it?

            He he Ooroo


            1. Only a very small bit.

              Then I realised I’d replied to that bit of your comment I’d edited out and had to edit my own comment… 😛

              1. John

                Can you turn the blog off for tonight I am trying to get to bed I have had a busy four years trying to get off the dole.



                Ps Do you know anyone who needs a whistleblower?

                  1. So John

                    When I wake up at 2am having nightmares about 5 July 2011 and “The Football Shirt” and the “Chamber Potty” under the, not the Southern Cross sadly, the shirt with “Galah” on the back I can get up and vent?

                    night night mate



                    I’ll go to sleep thinking about who Brad Davies and Anony Mouse are.


                    But will thank them for their comments….

                    Edited out last sentence before approval – J Brace 09:04 21/5/2015

                    1. Thanks John

                      I can’t even remember what I said.

                      You have me excited now.



                    2. You tease John

                      I really can’t remember.

                      Was it really offensive?

                      Was I being smug?

                      Was I being narcissistic?

                      Was I being unintelligible?

                      Was I self dis-respecting?

                      Was I telling in cliquey in-jokes?



                      Ps I do hope all of the above as some senior Clowncil people at Wirral are a hopeless joke like what they treat me and thanks for my reference Anonny Mouse.

                    3. The first edit from a comment was about an honour I don’t have.

                      The second was offensive but not directed towards me.

                      So in answer to your questions in the order you asked yes (once), no, no, no, yes (but that wasn’t the reason it was edited as you can be as critical of yourself as you like!), possibly (once).

                    4. You (offensive word removed 21/5/15 10:19am by J Brace)

                      I still have no clue.

                      Email it to me and I will see if I can sneak it back in if it is that good.



                      I hope me saying Ooroo is as annoying to everyone as it is to me it is actually something I never say and I find horrible like “Phil the Dill’s” regime.

                    5. G’day Mr Brace

                      It is a real pity that the Clowncil didn’t give Wirral “Funny” Bizz the same (any) supervision that you appear to be giving me.

                      Lyndale could have been kept open a fair while longer at least.



  15. And now today even the DCLG has fallen foul of an ICO decision regarding their failure to provide the ISUS “abuse” report as requested by myself.

    Clearly there is no disincentive to defraud because the authorities are tied up in knots with all the private individual’s safequards in law so that a Report stays in Legals for months, as has this one.

    Pour encourager les autres was the function of the execution of Admiral Byng per Voltaire. An admiral loses Minorca in the 1750’s and is shot for it so that others do not act likewise. The latter principle is vital.

    Malcontentx is correct -being nice has its limitations . Griffo is letting off steam because his correct actions have left him up the river without a paddle when so easily he could have fell in with the thieves and continued drawing a reasonable salary.

    The result of his dilemma is plain to see -just get with the system and prosper. Exemplary you see such that we will end up again with a multitude of scandals and national spiritual and fiscal bankruptcy which strangely no-one will foretell except the poor non-compliant persons mayhap through the glass of a bottle,and for which reason no-one would have paid them a blind bit of attention, who will have been talking of it from off the streets probably inebriated.

    L;Homme est ne libre mais partout il est en fers. Pourquoi? asked Rousseau and gave the answer

    In isolation Man is good but in society he is necessarily evil.

    People will band together in silence over abuses because of peer pressure and their fear of each other. Griffo is a maverick who stood against a group and is now paying the price of doing so. People like him will not debase their own characters by falling in with thieves but of course they outnumber him hence the outcome.

    A judge in a recent whistle-blowing case dismissed claims for damages on the basis that the claimant ought to have known for what they were letting themselves in for…

      1. G’day John Brace

        You must have powers the ICO are now stirring over this.



        Edited three letters out – J Brace 9:06 21/5/2015

        1. Everyone knows John


          stands for Stella’s Wirral Waters.



  16. G’day John

    Another lovely day and do you know what?

    The evidence “Highbrow” has about Wirral “Funny” Bizz has not changed one iota.

    And do you know what John?

    They still have not accepted and conceded that we did not tell one porkie.

    I do hope John they read me as much as my new best friends Annony Mouse and My Ronnie.

    I am glad that they got rid of Simon and now he is not tainted with that same brush.

    God bless you Simon.

    Off to mass this morning to pray for their poor souls.



    Ps As Wirralbizz suggests I am a Maverick I do religion Thursday and then I won’t meet a local clowncillor.

  17. G’day John

    Guessing competition.

    Who said this in that rubbish paper from over Stella’s stagnant Wirral Waters?

    “There have been many positives for the region which have come through EU membership.

    “It is clear that the EU is a major global business market, and whatever the decision which will be made through a referendum that we do not lose trading partners in Europe.”


    This person loves their photo in the paper.

    This person doesn’t know when to speak up and when to keep gob shut.



    Wasn’t going to comment again this week but they seem to be rubbing my nose in it.

  18. John

    Another clue.

    The persons boss stood up publicly and said it wasn’t our money.



  19. Griffo spent considerable time meeting council officers to give them information; he risked and lost his job by doing so; the council at the highest level appears-and I have learnt nothing new to contradict this- to have delayed , obfuscated and then had the very Head of Counter Fraud lie repeatedly in a report.

    Before ever Griiffo “ranted” all this had come to pass. He “rants” because once Grant Thornton had reported nearly 2 years after his whistleblowing he received just one thanks not on letter headed notepaper but in an email with a short perfunctory “the council thanks you…”.

    Now the worst of it ,and I can only surmise it was in anticipation of any law suit for compensation for damage down to him, NOT once has the Council expressed regret that it stole 13 months and more of time at his expense and at the public’s expense by having an official already semi-retired play the “Fibulator Cunctanus” . When the job was doe the 2.5 day a week man, D. Garry, then retired out of harms way, beyond questioning by any investigator.

    It is notable that Grant Thornton specifically stated that they had no brief at all to look into the failings of D Garry’s “investigation?!?”. Any published results of such an enquiry may have added to the Council’s woes!

    That is why Griffo “rants”!

  20. Good Morning Mr Brace and Mr Griffiths, it appears that the ” Flamer ” went out and ” No Sign ” of Mr R replying to my letter, although the Poor Chap is still in his ” Probationary Period ” and still ” Learning ” his trade.
    Is this a Record for your Blog? (57 Comments). I have learned an awful lot about Free Access to Justice, Children, Vulnerable Adults, Courts, Public Law, Private Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, etc, your Blog is a Wonderful Learning Curve Mr Brace or was it the Intranet. Keep up the Good Work and stop trying to entice me back with your wonderful Blog. Mr G, ” Do not let them grind you down ” You are a Star!!!!!

  21. G’day John (Our Best Editor)

    Can’t even afford the £2 cider this week so there won’t be the usual Friday night drunken ramblings.

    Keep up the great work JB luv that camera and the photo of the cadet snubbing him and the silent knight.

    He’s so likeable as a politician. he he



    Ps Edited – JB 22/5/15

    1. G’day John Brace (My Best Editor)

      That’s what you get, downgraded, for your editing!!!!!!

      I presume there has been complaints from the Clowncil people.



      If so that is a good thing.

        1. John Brace (Best Editor Maybe)

          Downgraded again my man.

          Must have been ex clowncil then?



          Ps Don’t I talk drivel John?

  22. Mr Griffiths, You have done it again, you have got me interested again, I knew this would happen. Try looking at the Fraud Act 2006. There appears to be a number of Sections that would be of help. Failing that Companies Law (Private/Public/Criminal Law) Failing that Employment Law.

    In order to get anybody Interested you have to have Evidence, you have to have a Complainant, the matter has to be Investigated, a Decision has to be made, by Police, HMRC or other Agency, when the Evidence is Collated. It then has to go to the CPS for them to make a Decision. They examine the Evidence, via several tests (Law/Public Interest/Realistic Prospect of Conviction).

    Whichever you pursue your goal, evidence has to be a KEY Factor, written, oral, exhibits, etc. Your case appears to have been hampered in a number of ways, which you express constantly and Mr Brace has shown in his Blog, (from the Horses Mouth). This is why I have continually asked and others for the Administration and Police. Whilst Mr Brace was correct in his presentation of Tower Hamlets advice (Elected Mayor) it still does not change the need for EVIDENCE.

    Now to an extent, I can see Evidence that would at least support Suspicion of Theft, Fraud, in fact an ABC of Statute Offences from off Mr Braces Blog alone and your as you put it Ranting. Mr Robinson needs to get his shit together pretty quick and understand he cannot Investigate it, or any other Officer or Elected Member ” Sitting in their own Cause ” This would mean a High Court Application and the Council cannot do that again (Nemo Judex i9n causa sau (e)?).

    1. Sorry, that would include ” Independent Investigations ” set up by Elected or Employed Officers of the Council. The Council and it’s Officers could then be open to allegations of Conspiracy.

    2. Re: a future CPS decision to prosecute.

      Are any council officials, elected or otherwise, currently showing signs of dementia, or are they planning on developing the condition soon?

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