Mayor of Wirral Cllr Les Rowlands' theme for the year will be the "growing elderly population on Wirral"

Mayor of Wirral Cllr Les Rowlands’ theme for the year will be the "growing elderly population on Wirral"

Mayor of Wirral Cllr Les Rowlands’ theme for the year will be the “growing elderly population on Wirral”


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The new Mayor of Wirral for 2015-16 Cllr Les Rowlands gives his first speech as Mayor

Mayor of Wirral Cllr Les Rowlands 18th May 2015
Mayor of Wirral Cllr Les Rowlands 18th May 2015

This continues from Cllr Steve Foulkes on being Mayor "it’s the first time in my life I’ve been genuinely liked as a politician".

In Mayor Les Rowland’s first speech as Mayor of Wirral (which starts at 6 minutes & 39 seconds into the video above , he said he was “delighted and proud to follow in the footsteps of so many who have held this position of Mayor, the first citizen of the Borough”. He spoke of the charities and organisations he and the Deputy Mayoress had visited in the previous year and that the “the work that goes on around us unseen every day is truly amazing”.

He thanked the previous Mayor (Cllr Steve Foulkes) and Mayoress (Elaine Nolan) for “their efforts during their Mayoral year” and that they would be a “hard act to follow”. The Mayor gave them his blessings for their forthcoming wedding.

Mayor Les Rowlands thanks Sue Carroll, her team, Nick and the drivers who “looked after them during the year with dedicated professionalism”. He also thanked Tony Hope and his team.

His theme for the year would be the “growing elderly population on Wirral”. Mayor Les Rowlands spoke about his 86-year-old mother and how proud he was of her.

Continuing he explained the theme in more detail, “Growing old has its numerous problems, but by far the worst is the loneliness that comes with age. To have someone to talk to even once a week, I have often heard said it is wonderful. So this year I would like my Council to encourage everyone across the Borough to take a look around their community, identify elderly person to adopt for a quick chat or offer to get a bit of shopping. Believe me it will mean so much just to know somebody is there.

I will be throughout the year inviting the elderly and lonely to the mayoral chamber for a cup of tea and a chat. I would like the time to visit homes for the elderly and show our ongoing support and commitment. I would like my Council to encourage throughout the many policies the building of stronger links and the strengthening of our elderly communities.”

The first charity he would be supporting would be the North West Air Ambulance, who were “truly a life saver”. His second charity was the Clatterbridge League of Friends who raises funds for Clatterbridge Hospital. The third charity would be the Wirral Alzheimer’s Society who support people with dementia.

Mayor Les Rowlands thanked people for their patience and for their support throughout the year. Over the next few days he would have the pleasure of meeting the Queen at the palace and that they were invited on board the Queen Mary [2] by Cunard to thank Wirral and Liverpool for hosting the Three Queens event.

He invited everyone to stay for the rest of the evening’s entertainment, which including a choir and a singer and he hoped people would have a great evening.

Nominations were invited for Deputy Mayor. Councillor Phil Davies proposed Cllr Pat Hackett as Deputy Mayor, Councillor Jeff Green seconded the proposal of Cllr Pat Hackett as Deputy Mayor. There were no other nominations, so Councillor Pat Hackett was elected as Deputy Mayor.

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Author: John Brace

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8 thoughts on “Mayor of Wirral Cllr Les Rowlands' theme for the year will be the "growing elderly population on Wirral"”

  1. Mr Brace, continuing your theme. in relation to Elderly People, his (MY) council needs to understand, that 1. There is an Elderly Population. 2. Some need the help of the Wirral Adult Social Services. 3. A quick and Painful Death is not an Option, after a Life Time of Hard Work. 4. Swindle and Fraud is also not an Option. 5. Replacement of some of the Staff in ADASS is a Clear Option. 6. Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, Perverting the Course of Justice, are not Options. 7. SAFEGUARDING is a Major Option. 8. Due Diligence and Contracts are also very Important also. 9. Bring in the Police and Administration Please and NOW!!!!!

  2. Mr Brace, Please let me take this to a National Level, Lord Falconer Respectfully take Note. How many Older people are there that do not have Relatives who LOVE THEM? Is this a Slippery Slope for people to make more money out of the Old Folk who do not have anybody to stick up for them, look after them, etc.
    I refer to Local Government who have Social Workers, some of whom are attempting to make old folk pay for their Care in their own homes or Care homes. The Government attempt to Legislate for Protecting the Young and Elderly in Care, with Lay Advocates to protect them.
    I would strongly recommend anybody for the protection of the Young, Old and themselves to take Advice, from someone they can TRUST and Who KNOW’s what they are doing, when dealing with Local Government Contracts

    (Information obtained, Paperwork, Research, Journals, Diaries, Interviews and so forth).

    1. Mr Brace, I am Sorry, Checking any Contracts, Invoices, Spreadsheets, Receipts, Wording of the Contracts, etc, is called
      ” Due Diligence ” and it is Not just for the “Initial Stages of a Contract” it should be carried out throughout the life of that Contract

  3. Mr Brace I am sorry, there is so much I would like to say on this subject and others, I have rather subjected your blog to my little problem, but if it helps other people, I am all for that and it gives Mr Griffiths and your other
    valuable contributors a well earned rest, Thanks.

  4. It would appear Mr Brace, No One is available to comment on this from HIS
    (MY) Council or No One from the Council reads your Blog KEEPING THEIR HEADS DOWN !!!!!!!!!! You would think someone would have the Bottle to answer would you not? BRING IN THE ADMINISTRATION and POLICE

  5. Mr Brace, continuing on the Theme of Elderly and Vulnerable Adults, the Law, Safeguarding and Who Guards the Guards? In the first instance, I have asked for the Administration to come in, because Numerous Reports have been carried out on behalf of the Local Council and it can be proven that they have not learned.
    My Evidence would suggest that they the Local Council (Wirral) have even compromised local Enforcement Agencies, whether they know it is another matter, by means of Perverting the Course of Justice, this is why I have purposefully requested the Administration be brought in, I will not go further than that at this time.

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