Corporate Governance Committee 16/11/2011 (Wirral Council) Part 2 Work Program, Progress and Associated Issues

The committee considered item 3 Work Program, Progress and Associated Issues.

However Cllr Jeff Green went back to agenda item 2 (Minutes). He said as part of the minutes, the list of committee meetings was not agreed.

Bill Norman said there had been some confusion in the briefing. There had been discussion with each political group’s officers. The briefing had been done before the agenda [for this meeting] was finalised, so the schedule in Appendix 8 was different to the list. The minutes [of the meeting held on the 26th October 2011] reflected the previous list and he noted the revision.

Cllr Jeff Green said that they had been told he couldn’t make it and that his non-availability had been made known.

Cllr Steve Foulkes said there was no set of dates they could all attend.

Bill Norman said about the confusion in the briefings, they had tried to find out everyone’s availability but timescales were stretched. He apologised for the confusion.

Cllr Steve Foulkes joked that he wouldn’t do Christmas Day, but he would “do Boxing Day”.

Cllr Tom Harney said that the primary aim of this committee was not discussions, there were major decisions of Cabinet and they had to make some progress and look at it as if they were a statutory committee.

Cllr Steve Foulkes said they needed to make decisions, not make recommendations to Cabinet.

Jim Wilkie mentioned that because of Wirral Council’s constitution some decisions had to made by a meeting of all councillors.

Cllr Tom Harney said that they needed to look at how to alter decision-making.

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