Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Wirral Council) 17th November 2011 Early Voluntary Retirement/Voluntary Severance and Organisational Change Part 2

Chris Hyams introduced the report (agenda item 16) on Early Voluntary Retirement/Voluntary Redundancy and Organisational Change.

She talked about the changes and remodelling as well as the Early Voluntary Retirement/Voluntary Severance process. Chris Hyams referred to the savings and number of employees as well as the £2 million for remodelling. She said that the £2 million was to support management and remodelling of services delivered. She said that departments made bids to the Strategic Change Programme Board for new posts or to add money to existing posts (such as changing them to a higher grade post).

Cllr Alan Brighouse (Vice-Chair) arrives.

Chris Hyams referred to paragraph 5 and the issue of people on part-time hours or subject to a job share. She said they had deleted 719 FTE equivalent posts, which equated to 765 FTE posts deleted. Chris Hyams said it was a “work in progress”, as the information had to go on the system and be signed off.

She said paragraph 6 dealt with refilled posts, where people had been moved into a post. This had been part of the decision-making where people had been allowed to leave. If they had a person they couldn’t lose, another person would be “bumped” into a post. This didn’t lead to a 100% saving, but could be 80% or 70% as the person moving posts led to a saving in the post they left behind. She said this was complicated and referred to the 104 new posts. People had been asked to leave because of the restructure, but there was a “one bump rule” which allowed another post to be saved. The bumps exception was Metro in the Children and Young People’s Department.

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