Who are the 96 candidates in the 2018 Wirral Council elections?

Who are the 96 candidates in the 2018 Wirral Council elections?

Who are the 96 candidates in the 2018 Wirral Council elections?


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I’ll declare at the start that myself as author, along with my wife live in Bidston & St James ward and will both receive a vote in this election.

People living and registered to vote for local council elections in all areas of the Wirral will have a chance to vote for who their local councillor is this year. All wards will be electing one councillor, except for Hoylake and Meols where voters will be electing two councillors due to the recent resignation of John Hale.

The list of candidates was published by Wirral Council recently. At the end of this piece is a list of who is standing in each area and also whether they are standing on behalf of a political party or as an independent.

The deadline for registering to vote in these elections is Tuesday 17th April 2018.

Candidates are listed below by the ward they are standing in (the list of wards is alphabetical) and alphabetically by their surname (which is the order in which they will appear on ballot papers).

I asked Wirral Council on the 12th March 2018 by email what the process would be this year for the media attending the count of the votes and was sent a form to complete on the 11th April 2018.

Last year you may remember that Wirral Counci’s Chief Executive Eric Robinson in his capacity as Returning Officer turned down our applications to cover the Claughton byelection count and Metro Mayor count held in Bidston very shortly after I criticised Liverpool City Council for blocking a request to inspect the Metro Mayor candidates’ nomination papers.

We both attended the general election count in 2017 as election observers accredited by the Electoral Commission. Wirral Council has by law to admit election observers to the count but we were both kept waiting in the car park for around half an hour and then told we were not to take any photos or record the speeches of winning or losing candidates (despite these activities being done by the press there) before being allowed admittance.

I am told that this year that Kevin McCallum will be making decisions on press accreditation for the count instead of Eric Robinson.

Myself and Leonora both earn money from our media work covering local government. The form supplied by Wirral Council by email two days ago states they are restricting press accreditation at the count to those who represent in their words “bona fide media organisations”, which means that Wirral Council will cherry pick press (presumably any applications from its own in-house newspaper Wirral View will be approved) that they can ask their employers to sack or discipline if they for example to quote one part of the form somebody “compromised” the “dignity of election proceedings”.

There is also a Henry VIII clause in the terms and conditions which states that Wirral Council can vary the terms and conditions governing press coverage of the count without any notice.

So for those reasons, it seems pointless for me and Leonora to apply to be at the count this year in our capacity as press.

Below is the list of candidates. If you wish to contact any of them, their address is on the Statement of Persons Nominated.

Bebington ward

Chris Britton (Liberal Democrats)
Tony Cottier (Labour)
Des Drury (Conservative)
Rachel Heydon (Green)

Bidston & St James ward

Liz Grey (Labour)
Nick Hanna (Conservative)
Jaimie Parkhouse (Green)
Michael John Tanner Parsons (Liberal Democrat)
Warwick Roberts (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Birkenhead & Tranmere

Pat Cleary (Green)
June Irene Cowin (Conservative)
Paul Charles Jobson (Labour)


Susan Margaret Braddock (Green)
Vicky Downie (Liberal Democrats)
Peter Taylor (Conservative)
Irene Rose Williams (Labour)


Mary Jordan (Conservative)
Jim McGinley (Green)
Giuseppe Mark Roberto (Labour)
Colin William Thompson (Liberal Democrat)


Suzanne Clare Downward (Conservative)
David Robert Cynlais Evans (Liberal Democrat)
Liz Heydon (Green)
Gillian Wood (Labour)


Jo Bird (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Chris Carubia (Liberal Democrats)
Allan Stanley Guy (Conservative)
Percy Hogg (Green)

Greasby, Frankby & Irby

Wendy Jane Clements (Conservative)
Andy Corkhill (Liberal Democrat)
Cathy Page (Green)
Katherine Louise Stuart (Labour)


Barbara Florence Burton (Green)
Les Rowlands (Conservative)
Robert Noel Thompson (Liberal Democrat)
Christine Ann Trenery (Labour)

Hoylake & Meols

Alexander William John Clark (Liberal Democrat)
Alix Rowena Cockcroft (Green)
Tony Cox (Conservative)
Matthew James Daniel (Labour)
Andrew Mark Gardner (Conservative)
Tony Murphy (Labour)
Peter Timothy Clifford Reisdorf (Liberal Democrat)
Mark John Wilde (Green)

Leasowe and Moreton East

Debbie Caplin (Conservative)
Michael John Dixon (Green)
Mike Holt (Independent)
Sharon Jones (Labour)
David Robert Tyrrell (Liberal Democrats)


Susan Patricia Claire Arrowsmith (Liberal Democrat)
Margaret Ann Kalil (Conservative)
Perle Winifred Sheldricks (Green)
Janette Williamson (Labour)

Moreton West & Saughall Massie

Bruce Berry (Conservative)
Amanda Jane Crowfoot (Liberal Democrats)
Bill McGenity (Labour)
Helen Rosalinde O’Donnell (Green)

New Brighton

Adam Robert Keenan (Liberal Democrat)
William Keith Raybould (Conservatives)
Christine Spriggs (Labour)
Cynthia Stonall (Green)
Paula Walters (UK Independence Party)


Allan John Brame (Liberal Democrat)
Jeff Davies (Labour)
Moira Joan Gommon (Green)
Hilary Margaret Jones (Conservative)

Pensby & Thingwall

Allen John Burton (Green)
Kate Marianne Cannon (Labour)
Michael John Collins (Conservative)
Lucy Eva Johnson (Liberal Democrat)


Tom Bottom (Conservative)
Chris Cooke (Green)
Mark John Forshaw (Liberal Democrats)
Samantha Jane Peters