Election: Wallasey (Labour hold), Birkenhead (Labour hold), Wirral South (Labour hold), Wirral West (Labour gain)

Election: Wallasey (Labour hold), Birkenhead (Labour hold), Wirral South (Labour hold), Wirral West (Labour gain)

Election: Wallasey (Labour hold), Birkenhead (Labour hold), Wirral South (Labour hold), Wirral West (Labour gain)


In the General Election for 2015 on Wirral the results are as follows.

Wallasey Constituency (declared at 3.41) LABOUR HOLD Electorate 65,495 Turnout 66.5%

Candidate Party Votes cast
Angela Eagle Labour Party 26,176
Chris Clarkson Conservative Party 9,828
Geoffrey Robert Caton United Kingdom Independence Party 5,063
Julian Charles Pratt Green Party 1,288
Kris Brown Liberal Democrat 1,011

Birkenhead Constituency (declared at 3.49) LABOUR HOLD Electorate 62,410 Turnout 62.9%

Candidate Party Votes cast
Frank Field Labour Party 26,468
Clark Edward Vasey Conservative Party 5,816
Wayne Anthony Harling United Kingdom Independence Party 3,838
Kenny Peers Green Party 1,626
Allan Brame Liberal Democrat 1,396

Wirral South Constituency (declared at 3.57) LABOUR HOLD Electorate 56,956 Turnout 73.7%

Candidate Party Votes cast
Alison McGovern Labour Party 20,165
John Bell Conservative Party 15,566
David Anthony Scott United Kingdom Independence Party 3,737
Elizabeth Jewkes Liberal Democrat 1,474
Paul Thomas Cartlidge Green Party 895

Wirral West Constituency (declared at 4.58) LABOUR GAIN Electorate 55,377 Turnout 75.9%

Candidate Party Votes cast
Margaret Greenwood Labour Party 18,898
Esther McVey Conservative Party 18,481
Hilary Jane Jones United Kingdom Independence Party 2,772
Peter Timothy Clifford Reisdorf Liberal Democrat 1,433
David James 274

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Boundary Commission proposes keeping Bidston and St. James ward in Birkenhead for 2015 General Election

Although the initial proposals that the Boundary Commission drew up proposed moving Bidston & St. James ward to Wallasey constituency (from 2015), the revised proposals place Bidston & St. James ward far more sensibly in Birkenhead constituency. The consultation on the revised proposals are running until 10th December 2012.

The effect of Bidston & St. James ward staying in Birkenhead under the revised proposals, is that Upton ward is moved in the revised proposals from Birkenhead to Wallasey (it’s currently in Wirral West, which is proposed to be renamed Wirral Deeside). These changes are of course subject to a vote in the House of Commons before 2015, which the Lib Dem Party has now stated they won’t support (although they agreed to it in the Coalition Agreement in 2010) because of stalled House of Lords reforms due (in part) to a rebellion by backbench Conservative Party MPs.

Boundary Review: Bidston & St. James ward to end up in Wallasey

Relying on a leaked list of the Boundary Commission proposals for the North West it seems the current proposals are that Bidston & St. James ward is to become part of Wallasey Constituency.

Upton ward will move from Wirral West to Birkenhead.

Wirral West constituency will be renamed Hoylake and Neston and will include Neston & Parkgate.

Instead of Wirral South there’ll be a Mersey Banks constituency which is half Cheshire, a quarter Wirral (Bromborough and Eastham wards) and a quarter Halton.

Obviously these changes are only proposals, but I’m sure people will have their say on the new boundaries over the next few months.